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It’s just the beginning, but we know exactly what we will be. 

We will be a different kind of data company. We will be a better kind of data company. 

We believe that explicitly-informed and transparently-consented consumer data permissioning should be today's baseline - not a distant aspiration.

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Why Audience Logic? 

Our unique, ethical approach will enable a fair and equitable value exchange between consumers and the platforms and marketers that they consent to leverage their pseudonymous, privacy-compliant data. 

We will ensure that the data users consent to share with us is limited in its scope to benign, anonymised yet insightful shopping and lifestyle behaviour that brands can leverage to deliver relevant and effective marketing campaigns


Audience Logic solutions

With in excess of 100 million monthly active users globally, Audience Logic’s data is a rich, powerful and ultra-fresh source of anonymised shopper and lifestyle segments.

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Drive efficiencies through Kindred’s audiences

Advertisers can exclude recent purchasers
and target abandoned baskets with Kindred data. Accessible via; Marketplaces, SSPs, Cleanrooms​.

Deeper and richer profiles to power Ad strategy

Purchase data from +150,000 online stores and enable a more complete picture of attribution.

Power your data monetization strategy

Our solution can deliver a powerful data monetization strategy and provide companies such as Telcos and OEMs with a new revenue opportunity.

We believe in ethical and sustainable data management. We will ensure data is managed appropriately across the value chain—from collection to analytics to insights. 

Our unique approach will be proof that data can be a force for commercial, societal, and environmental good.

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Audience Logic: Our Data Story

Audience Logic’s sister company, Kindred is a tech Social Enterprise that transforms ecommerce transactions into a force for good. Kindred’s network links device owners with advertisers directly, rewarding publishers, advertisers, users, charities and the environment, whilst maintaining complete privacy for all.

In return for activating the Kindred technology and explicitly consenting to limited usage of their data by Audience Logic, Kindred’s 100 million+ users get access to savings and discounts when they shop online at more than 150,000 brands.

Kindred’s global network of distribution partners benefit from an additional passive revenue stream, an enhanced user-value-proposition and the means to materially contribute to environmental and societal causes.

Beyond our cutting-edge technology and ethical data policies, we are committed to giving back - with 51% of our profits dedicated to charitable and environmental causes, we are shaping a better world for everyone.

Speak to the team

We are partnering with the world’s leading Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies, and Platforms to make our audience segments seamlessly available and ready to enhance media campaign targeting and measurement. 

If you would like to know more or have an introductory conversation, please do get in touch below