Drive Revenue,
Foster Loyalty,
Embrace ESG Initiatives

Give your users access to online shopping savings while engaging with your brand beyond your platform. Our flexible tech lets you choose between rewarding users, earning from their online spending and contributing to a greener planet.

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Drive Loyalty and reduce churn

Increase Revenue by $28+/user*

*Incremental average revenue per user for every activated shopping user is based on data from select partners.

Support ESG initiatives

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Drive loyalty by delivering value to your users
Reduce churn, and increase loyalty. Excite your users with savings which can also be transformed into in-app rewards.
Boost app/website re-visits. Opportunities for call to action placement for users to go back into your app / website after their shopping experience.
Additional real estate for brand exposure. Brand placements available when customers are outside your app or website.
Create brand goodwill. Feel good factor after saving money & supporting ESG projects will drive goodwill towards your brand.
Unlocking new channels to drive business initiatives
Unlock an untapped channel to drive incremental revenue stream, increasing your average revenue per user
Earn with every online purchase made by your users and share in the commission we receive from advertisers
Strengthen media partnerships with precise targeting based on user consumption behavior
Options to channel incremental earnings to fast track your ESG commitments
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K E Y   N U M B E R S

How our solution benefits you
and your customers


F O R    Y O U R    U S E R S




Live deals
and discounts


Avg. Cost savings per
shopping transaction

F O R  Y O U


Incremental launches of your app annually / user


Revenue per user


Trees planted per user  from their shopping activities per month

Our technology gives you the flexibility
of deciding whether to retain revenue,
share with users, or support a good cause

Kindred solutions

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How does it work?

Find out more about how Kindred technology makes it easy for your users to save on their online shopping, without effecting your UX