Strengthen consumer connections

Kindred powers interactions between consumers, publishers, and retail media companies with our robust technology

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Advantages for Retail Media
Optimize advertising budgets, elevate ROAS and offsite profits through reduced media costs
Enrich consumer engagement by presenting more in-market offers and gaining deeper insight into their needs
Consumers get access to offers and the ability to control their data whilst also achieving a social good
Facilitate enhanced brand-retail conversations and value propositions
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Valuable Benefits for Retail Media Customers
Seamless savings through 400k+ discount codes and coupons
Personalized data control for users' preferences
Consumers enjoy savings satisfaction while contributing to the planet and charities
Engage in meaningful conversations with publishers and advertisers
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Understanding customers

Build out profiles on their browsing behavior, and leverage this into your CRM and Ad strategy​

Generating consent

Generate consent through active customer opt-in, with legitimate interest in data collection due to service provision


Comprehensive measurement

End-to-end app-to-website metrics, potential linkage to offline conversions (Voucher codes)

Kindred is designed to enable RMNs to drastically increase the revenue per user they generate and allow them to scale with a positive ROI​

Key benefits for brands
Maximize audience reach through Kindred's opt-in browser data
Access new premium Kindred media spots displaying relevant products and offers during browsing
Close-loop measurement to showcase the created value for advertisers
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How does it work?

Find out more about how Kindred technology makes it easy for you to have meaningful interactions with consumers