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Kindred digitizes word of mouth for brands in a transparent, organic and trusted way. Influencers were all about “purchase intent”; Kindred is about actual sales - advocates of what they love. With the option to also give back to your favourite charity.

Introducing Kindred

A new and impartial place where selected brands connect directly with consumers via authentic and enthusiastic advocates that they already know and trust. People love to share and now they can share what they love in a safe and organised environment online. Everyone is an advocate. Everyone can give back to their favourite charity.

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Victoria’s S..
620K +

30% off Seasonal wear

To celebrate the start of summer, get beach ready for 40% less across the entire summer range. This WWF campaign will be running for a limited time only.

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Comic Relief
800K +

30% off Seasonal wear

L'Oréal’s new range comes in three different finishes; matt, satin, glitter. Sparkle like Karly and get 30% off all eye shadows under the new range.

And how do we get involved?

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