Delivering change through technology

Kindred is a tech Social Enterprise that transforms e-commerce transactions into a force for good

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Earn a percentage of the $6 trillion e-commerce market
Users get access to savings and discounts when they shop online at more than 150K advertisers
Partners benefit from an additional passive revenue stream and enhanced user value
Funds can be converted into in-app rewards or used to support ESG initiatives and charitable causes
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Empower users with our intuitive technology
The best of 500,000+ deals and savings from top advertisers are automatically surfaced and applied
Choose to convert funds into in-app rewards and discounts to improve app engagement
Kindred transforms e-commerce into a force for good
Partners can choose from thousands of charities to support, or let us facilitate donations for you and your customers
Users can collaborate with global reforestation and carbon offsetting programs
Kindred, as a Social Enterprise, allocates 51% of profits to environmental and charitable causes
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Kindred's mission is to provide technology-driven solutions that foster positive change and deliver impactful ESG solutions

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Tap into the $6 trillion
e-commerce market with our unique technology

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