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with Kindred

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Unlock expansive audience

Access exclusive closed group of mobile
& desktop audiences from prominent publishers like O2 Telefonica, E.ON, and Samsung

Increase exposure

Gain brand exposure opportunities
in newsletters, push notifications,
and tailored communications


ESG Opportunities

A powerful by-product of being a Kindred Advertiser is the opportunity to support charities and sustainable initiatives

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higher purchase completed



increase in brand exposure to buyers


How does Kindred work?

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Customers see
your brands' offers

  • Exposure across Kindred's publisher operated solution

  • Including loyalty programs and apps
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Valid deals are shown when
customers land on your website

  • Offers and coupons are automatically loaded

  • Proven to reduce basket abandonment

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Savings are
applied at checkout

  • Offers and coupons automatically pop up

  • Discounts are applied to the user's shopping basket 

Driving better insights and revenue for advertisers

Monthly report of the behaviour of your panel of customers who have made purchases via Kindred.

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Claim your own Earthmark score
Earthmark aggregates publicly available data from robust sources to give a view of a brands' environmental impact through a simple 0-5 score
The Earthmark environmental performance scores can be displayed whenever a customer lands on an advertisers site, building confidence and leading to a 26% higher conversion.
Kindred & our ESG initiative
We direct our commissions towards supporting charities and environmental initiatives that align with our values and resonate with your users.
By seamlessly connecting users with premium advertisers, Kindred allows users to get more through cost savings, and by contributing to the planet as they shop
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How does it work?

Find out more about how Kindred technology makes it easy for advertisers to increase exposure and unlock new audiences