Drive additional average revenue per user by being part of their shopping journey

Kindred’s seamless white-labeled technology unveils a fresh approach to e-commerce, revolutionising customer engagement beyond your ecosystem while driving incremental revenue for your business.

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Get rewarded when your users shop
Drive better engagement and loyalty while driving incremental revenue for your business
Kindred provides a seamless browser extension that automatically gives your users access to online deals, saving them money whenever they shop
Kindred enables your business to tap into the $7 trillion e-commerce market by rewarding you whenever your users shop
Our flexible model allows you to decide whether to retain revenue, share with users, or support good causes
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How does Kindred work for your users?

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How does Kindred for your users?

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Insights that matter
Equip yourself with the tools to enrich user data, capture off-site first party data, and explore partnership avenues
Kindred's contextual data and technology enables you to increase ad CTR and attribution

Using Kindred to support your ESG efforts

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Unlock user value;
you choose if users
get discounts,
rewards, and education
on sustainable

Guiding users toward sustainability and conscious consumption
We have a range of ESG focused initiatives for your users to support with the commission earned
Collaborate with over 22,000 charities & participate in reforestation & carbon offset projects via Kindred
Our Earthmark partnership allows conscious shopping with sustainability ratings
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Simple and easy integration

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to get started.
Access our readme documentation below to begin the integration process.