Kindred: providing consumer-first solutions

Deliver meaningful benefits to your users and provide added value

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Empowering consumers with Kindred
Seamlessly save money with over 500K+ discount codes and coupons
Experience a positive impact by saving money, contributing to environmental causes, and supporting charities
Aid in cost of living with savings of up to £350 annually while shopping online
Consumers get access to offers and the ability to control their data whilst also achieving a social good
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Our technology allows users to generate credit to convert into in-app rewards, purchases, money off bill, or donate to good causes

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Unlock user value; provide users with discounts, rewards, and education on sustainable shopping

Guiding users toward conscious consumption
We have a range of ESG focused initiatives for your users to contribute to
Collaborate with over 22,000 charities and participate in reforestation and carbon offset projects through Kindred
Our Earthmark partnership allows conscious shopping through sustainability ratings
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How does it work?

Find out more about how Kindred technology makes it easy for your users to save on their online shopping, without effecting your UX